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About us

The Russia Corporate World is the only Russia-based bilingual, general thematic and non-industry-specific business journal, which covers the whole of the local and world economic trends in both English and Russian languages in all its entirety for the local and global investors as well as for all other general readers in and outside the country, who are interested in the ongoing positive and radical economic changes in today’s Russian corporate world.

By format, the journal is really a unique media product in Russia, as it is the only general thematic economic business publication that covers all the key sectors of the Russian economy in two major globally spoken languages — English seen as the global business lingua franca, and Russian, which is the default language of international communications in the CIS and most Soviet satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe, where a large proportion of the local populations speak/understand/use the language vis-a-vis their local languages.

The bilingual format has significantly broadened the journals audience as it targets readers, who use either or both of these languages in their daily affairs. This is a real revolution, as for the first time in the history of contemporary Russian business journalism, TRCW, instead of following the bandwagon trends of traditionally delineating readers into Russian and foreign-languages-speaking audiences, whose paths never cross in Russian print media, has been able to merge the interests of these two audiences on its pages through the adoption of the bilingual English-Russian-languages format.

This is the uniqueness of TRCW, where there is no such segregation of readers by languages. Our bilingual policy is based on a series of records of readers surveys, which have shown that most modern Russian businesspersons and generally educated readers speak/understand English to a certain degree, while all foreigners, who are residing and working in Russia, either on temporary or long-term basis, also speak the local Russian language. Thus, all these English and Russian readers can choose the languages they are used to and/or more fluent in both in terms of proficiency, traditions and habits while reading the TRCW publications.

Besides, thanks to its general economic thematic coverage and non-industry-specific approach in its publications, including advertisements and PR-materials, this journal is also in a field of its own compared with all other business media on the Russian mass-media market, which are published only in Russian language. Similarly, it is also different from the other bilingual business journals, which are mainly industry specific in their publications, and thus, cannot boast of total, pan-economic coverage like The Russia Corporate World, and consequently, have a much smaller readership audience compared with The Russia Corporate World. From advertisement point of view, this is a key competitive advantage

Thus, in contrast to other business media outlets in the country, The Russia Corporate World encompasses both the general public, who are interested in simple, non-complicated business news in only Russian language, as well as the business class representatives, including both Russians and expats, from low- through middle- to top-management levels, who are mostly interested in comprehensive and in-depth analyses ofall business processes, including highlights of the major economic, financial and investmenttrends as well astheirshort-, medium- and long-term implicationsfor local and foreign businesses, the Russian and global economies in both English and Russian languages.