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The marketing department of The Russia Corporate World bilingual business journal would like to draw the attention of all our potential advertisers to the conditions and terms of placing advertisement materials in the journal and the myriad of corresponding bonuses and benefits for signing advertisement contracts with the journal.

First and foremost, putting advertisements in The Russia Corporate World will enable companies to place their unique goods and services within the reach of thousands of our regular Russian and English speaking readers and subscribers in and outside the country, while our unique package of generous bonuses and highly discounts, including free publications of interview with company's CEOs and top management executives as well as other specially tailored PR and promotional articles on their products, businesses and services, will offer all our advertisers an additionally unique opportunity to increase the media exposure and visibility of their distinctive goods and services both on the Russian market and beyond.


Our marketing policy in the area of advertisement is based on a uniquely clients-friendly principle, which enables us to maximally balance the interests of the journal, from the point of view of the costs of its advertisement services, with those of our potential advertisers. In this regard, we always strive to fully adapt the final costs of all our advertisement services to the actual potential and financial possibilities of the advertisers, taking into consideration a myriad of vital factors, including the sizes and forms of ownership of companies, as well as unprecedented readiness to go the “extra mile” to ensure all the parties are always satisfied. In other words, this means taking a specifically individual approach to each concrete client when finalizing the advertisement contracts to ensure fully and realistically attainable mutually beneficial cooperation with positive long-term perspectives for both the journal and its advertisers on the Russian market.


  • Flexible costs of advertisement services

Unlike in most publications, all our advertisement rates are very flexible and designed in such a way as to be affordableby all potential advertisers, irrespective of size and scales of operations

  • Huge discounts for long-term contracts

Availability of attractive discounts for long-term advertisement contracts, which ranges from 10% to 30% of the basic cost of one-time placement of such advertisement materials in the journal

  • Unique bonus packages for long-term advertisers

Apart from the generous discounts and other attractive benefits that come with signing long-term advertisement contracts with TRCW, each advertiser is also additionally entitled to a unique package of free-incentive bonuses, specifically and individually tailored to his/her marketing and other PR needs, including full information support and media coverage of all his/her activities (publications of corporate news, press releases, promotional articles and others such as product, company, personality and CEO profiles. All these are uniquely attractive incentives, and most importantly, are completely free-of-charge to all our long-term advertisers)

  • Bilingual publications of all your advertisement materials

Thanks to the unique bilingual English-Russian language format used in the journal, there is a rare possibility to publish all your advertisement materials in three different language formats — either only in English and only in Russia OR simultaneously in BOTH languages in one advertisement module a really unique and unprecedented opportunity for clients on the Russian advertisement market.

  • Possibility of using all your advertisements and PR-publications as presentation materials

As already stated above, all the information, publications and data in the journal are duplicated in both English and Russian languages, and all the designed materials concerning the advertisers interviews, product profiles, company profiles, personality profiles, CEO profiles, Experts Corner rubric, etc. are on request always made available to the advertisers in a PDF format. Thus, companies CEOs, other top management executives, including PR, sales, marketing and advertising directors, can use these publications as presentation materials when addressing the English and Russian speaking business communities inside the country as well all English speaking audiences in other countries across the world, again, a unique opportunity for advertisers and partners on the Russian media and PR markets.

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Therefore, all enquiries regarding establishment of mutual beneficial cooperation with the journal and/or on how to make use of its unique services such as the placement of advertisements to promote your equally unique services and goods in Russia and also the concrete cost of each advertisement service in different sections/parts of the journal should be directed to this email: and/or by phone: 7 (495) 642-34-84

We are always on standby to attend swiftly to all enquiries.