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August 2011, Vol. 6, No. 7

August 2011, Vol. 6, No. 7

The unwavering activist for a corruption-free Russia

In this edition, we have profiled Alexei Navalny, the lawyer-turned prominent blogger, whose anti-corruption activities against top state officials and major government corporations have practically made him an enemy of Russia's political and business elite. But the fact that, he, despite all the obvious odds against him, has decided to give this task a try, speaks of his internal conviction that a corruption-free Russia is not a dream, but a reality. This is a mission worthy of support, and profiling him on this cover represents our full endorsement of his actions and programs to make such aspiration a reality ...


Business & Finance

Talented Russian youth to get ‘economic lifts’ to a better future via Putin’s ASI

The new state agency was specially created to stimulate the realization and commercialization of innovative projects by young Russian geniuses...


Corporate Events

Medicina becomes the first Russian clinic to receive JCI’s elite accreditation

In his speech, Medicina's president said he saw nothing strange in JCI’s recognition of the clinic’s high quality heathcare standards...


Russia pledges support for Ecuador’s innovative global ecology initiative

The initiative envisages Ecuador’s voluntary refusal to extract oil from its rich oil deposits in Yasuni to preserve Earth's ecology...


Major Events of the Month

Kremlin against placement of Russian leaders’ portraits on banknotes

President Medvedev said new post-Soviet Russia ought not to return to the practice of placing pictures of Russian leaders on the country’s banknotes...

Major Events of the Month

Mironov’s Just Party knows how to attract trillions of rubles to state’s budget

Our party's program will show how the state can generate more money. One is the introduction of a progressive income tax rate for wealthy Russians...


Major Events of the Month

Using cash printing press to solve economic problems equated with government hooliganism

Russian prime minister has accused U.S. hooliganism for generously use of its printing machine, littering the world with unsecured dollars...

Major Events of the Month

Russia’s CEC makes ‘a computer tick and bird of happiness’ an election talisman

This choice of an election mascot seems to go well with the Russian president, who has called the combination of ‘innovation with tradition’ a strong move...


Major Events of the Month

Russia’s Agriculture Ministry says EU’s WTO meat quote demands unattainable

The minister’s fears stem from the fact that WTO accession could adversely affect domestic agro, banking and other industrial sectors...

Major Events of the Month

Not all Russia Militsia’s top brass pass the ‘transformation tests’ to police generals

A total of 21 generals failed the certification for different reasons such as submitting dishonest declarations or had discredited the force...


Hotels & Restaurants Guide

State buildings evacuated by government agencies in Moscow to become hotels

Marat Khusnullin, the deputy Moscow mayor overseeing urban policy, said the move will free the center of traffic jams and eliminate hotel deficit...

Hotels & Restaurants Guide

Moscow and Russia as a whole on the threshold of the dawn of a ‘floating hotels’ boom

Today, it seems this trend is not limited only to Moscow, because, according to experts, Russia will have about 150 ‘hotels on water’ by 2015...


Hotels & Restaurants Guide

St. Petersburg's famous Astoria Hotel to be sold into private hands in October

The new starting price for the October auction will be 1.5bln rubles. The sale of the hotel is part of the city’s privatization program...

Hotels & Restaurants Guide

Hyatt Regency Hotel to open in Sochi as part of its preparation for the 2014 Olympics

Commenting on the agreement, Snegiri Development CEO Sergei Demin called the project a top priority, which will become the center of Sochi’s resort life...


Corporate Events

A family picnic at FAVORIT MOTORS’ presentation of its new KIA Picanto car

It goes without saying that the adults present at the event were in euphoric moods, as many went for a test drive in the new KIA Picanto car...


A review of Russia-Africa relations. New challenges & new opportunities

Kremlin now has a very clear foreign policy objective in Africa, which is to ensure the success of Russian firms' operations on the 'Black' continent...



Strident anti-corruption advocate under palpable threat of official vendetta

In his signature caustic criticism of the government, Navalny noted that corruption has eaten so deep into the society that there are now two parallel economies in the country...

Business News

Tatneft’s petrochemical subsidiary conquers the world with its quality products

A significant role in Tatarstan’s economy belongs to Tatneft’s subsidiary, which includes Tatneft-Neftekhim Management Co. and TANECO...



Volga ship catastrophe once again highlights Russia’s ‘wild capitalism’ at its worst

The most heartbreaking thing is that such negative practices and business modus operandi are the ‘norms rather than notable exceptions’ in Russia...