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End-of-year 2011 report, Vol. 6. No.10

End-of-year 2011 report, Vol. 6. No.10

The UNs chief advocate for a world free of HIV/AIDS issues

As a media, we’ve interviewed several high-ranking personalities from all fields of human endeavors. While it is traditional for such people to speak loftily about their vital duties to humanity,we must, however, note the ‘exceptionally contagious enthusiasm exuded by UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe, when talking about his mission to helping needy countries meet the UN's MDG-6 objectives by 2015.His unparalleledpassion for and commitment topursuing a world without HIV/AIDSand related issues deserves support. Thus, profiling him onthis cover is our contribution to his efforts to achieve these goals...


Russia on the brink of a tectonic shift in elites consciousness

Attacking the state's spending spree, ex-Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin dismissed the Kremlin's strategy of radical escalation of expenditures a fantasy...



With the Golden jubilee behind, Nigeria now en-route to its first statehood centennial

Speaking at his country's 51st independence anniversary, the Nigerian ambassador to Russia highlighted the occasion as another milestone in his nation's history...


FM Logistic Russia: Our new motto is the art of winning solutions

Hugues Laurent, the business development director of FM Logistic Russia, spoke about the goals of rebranding of the company and expectations from the policy...


Major Events of the Month

Russia needs an effective, and not a mere legislations stamping parliament in the upcoming election

Prime Minister Putin has officially acknowledged the impotence of the countrys legislature, saying Russia does not need a parliament that dutifully churns out laws...

Major Events of the Month

Experts explain mighty Putins colossal influence in the world

Explaining why Putin, and not Chinas Hu Jintao (ranked 3rd), whose country has more weight in the world, is second, the experts noted that Putin is more influential in Russia than Hu in China...


Major Events of the Month

EU and Russia to finalize conditions for a historic abolition of visas

Moscow and Brussels have announced their intents to endorse the list of conditions for a visa-free regime between Russia and EU states...

Major Events of the Month

Russian business climate needs radical overhaul to attract investors

President Dmitry Medvedev has declared Russia's current investment climate a poor business environment in need of urgent radical overhaul...



Innovation and top quality services key to Nezavisimost Groups success

Renat Tyukteev, one of Nezavisimost Group's top executives, shares his view on the current situation on the Russian car dealership services market today...


FAVORIT MOTORS remains the key pacesetter on Russia's auto retail market

Vladimir Popov, the president of FAVORIT MOTORS, one of the leading Russian auto dealership holdings, talked about the Russian and foreign auto retail markets...



ROAD safeguards dealers and clients interests on the auto retail market

Andrei Petrenko, the president of the Russian Association of Automobile Dealers, highlighted his assessment of the prevailing trends on the Russian auto retail market...

Special Industry Reports

The Russian auto dealership services market today: key players, major trends, growth drivers and future forecasts

Having defied the global economic crisis with its double-digit growth rates, the Russian auto retail market has become a pacesetting industry in the post-crisis era...


Business & Finance

The Active Home concept, the newest trend in global architecture, reaches Russia

An Active House, the new European concept in world architecture, envisages the construction of houses via modern technologies and most advanced innovations...


UNs ardent advocate for a world free of HIV and related problems

In this interview, given at the sidelines of the International MDG-6 Forum in Moscow, UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe, who also doubles as the UN Under-Secretary-General, highlighted UNAIDS efforts and measures to achieve MDG-6 goals...


Major Events of the Month

The tripartite Customs Union recognized as a fully functioning mechanism

The Customs Union (CU) formed by Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia is functioning fully, according to Russian Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko...

Major Events of the Month

Russia will never sacrifice its position on Abkhazia and South Ossetia for WTO

Russia will never abandon its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence for the sake of joining the WTO...