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September 2013, Vol. 9

September 2013, Vol. 9

The Queen of Russian house music and her social agenda

For the first time ever we’ve decided to profile a representative of the Russian show-business. Our choice, Julia Lasker, apart from being a successful singer, is also the first Russian singer to address the UN. Indeed, Lasker is different from most typical peers in her industry. She spends lots of her time on philanthropic issues and social initiatives, such as helping create public awareness for HIV/AIDS issues among Russian/CIS youth. Her photo on the TRCW cover is our recognition of her role model and laudable efforts worthy of emulation...


The pros and cons of calls for assets deoffshorization for businesses

Experts discuss de-offshorization trends, share opinions and exchange ideas on the pros and cons of a policy that is likely to radically change the ways businesses will be run locally and globally, going forward...



The Wests final loss of principles and orientations

Recent events around Edward Snowwden and others have proved that the West, once seen as the bastion of democratic values, is dangerously tilting into an entity devoid of any values, and in case of EU states, even self-respect...

Business & Finance

Industrys records setters and breakers: The search for the Best Player on the local real estate market

The Real Estate Market Records-2013, an annual international event that honors the best achievements by key players, celebrated the industry's top performers and records breakers in a huge gala show in Moscow...


Special Industry Reports

The Russian private medical services industry today

Two important events that could radically transform the Russian private, pay-per-use, medical services industry took place at the beginning 2013...


The road to Russias musical Olympus

In this interview, Julia Lasker, the Russian singer that elevated the House Music genre to a new level in the country, talked about her journey to the Musical Olympus, show-business and her philanthropic initiatives...



The future of the Russian private healthcare services market is very bright

Our expert in this industry report, Alla Anastos, the clinical director at US Dental Care, shares her view about the Russian private healthcare services, her clinic, the prevailing market trends and future expectations...


Private medical services available only in major Russian cities

Lev Averbach, the CEO and chief medical officer of Coris Assistance in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, shared his opinions on the state of private medical services in Russias Northern Capital...