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October 2013, Vol. 10

October 2013, Vol. 10

President Putin's global leadership

Despite the shortcomings that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have in his domestic policies, his stand on the Syrian crisis in particular and stoic defense of the international norms in recent years in general are excellent indications of a true international statesman and global leadership. This has led to a palpable increase in prestige and overall global standing ofRussiaon the international arena,Moscow’s role in global affairs has been decimated since the demise of the Soviet empire in the 1990s.


Global corporations support preservation of wildlife and bioresources

Organized by PepsiCo, the exhibition is a part of the All-Russian Program that is dedicated to promotion of responsible forest management practices...

Issue: October 2013, Vol. 10
Author: Irina Kozlova
Tags: WWF

Business & Finance

Tatneft is fully ready for new challenges in the oil industry

In 2012, the republic produced about 32.7mln tons of "black gold," the highest volume since 1992, while since 1998, the annual output had increased by 2mln tons...


Budget sequestration and tariffs freeze mean a new economic reality for the state and businesses

The budget deficit is expected to deepen further in 2014 with expenses forecast to overshoot revenue not by 0.4% of GDP, as previously extrapolated, but by 0.6% of GDP...



Putin shows global leadership to trump Wests lust for blood

Today Putin seems the only sane politician of international caliber still capable of logical reasoning after the tragic events of 9/11 changed the modus operandi...


The world ought to frown on and disregard US exceptionalism claim

For decades, it has been accepted as a sectarian religious dogma that the US is different from the other countries, a sort of a special nation in a class of its own...