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Yearend Review, Vol. 11, No. 11

Yearend Review, Vol. 11, No. 11

Mandela's life and legacies for South Africa and the World

Usually, our yearend edition cover is dedicated to major economic events or business executives that had excelled in the departing year. But the death of Nelson Mandela, the man that had raised the traditional definition of “humanism” through words and deeds to a new height, changed this tradition this year. It is, therefore, with great honor that we have dedicated this edition cover to Africa’s greatest son and outstanding global statesman, a moral and political leader of our time. The world, according to several global leaders, is unlikely to ever seesuch personalityagain…


Mandela and South Africans deserve apology from the West

The world, according to US President Barack Obama, is unlikely ever to come across the likes of Nelson Mandela again...



TANECO: Everything is under control

Built by Tatneft, the TANECO modern oil refinery complex was a breakthrough project in the oil industry in the whole of the former Soviet space...


De-offshorization of Russian businesses is a right and first step in the right direction

Deplugging Russian offshore companies from the state support will be devastating to their owners, especially under these trying and unstable economic times...


Business & Finance

The corporate portrait of a typical independent director in Russian corporations BoDs

A typical Russian independent director is certainly a man, probably about 60 years old, with 14 years of working experience as a member of a Board of Directors...

Business News

LEADER unveils its unique payment application PayStore to market

This strategy, according to Olga Vilkul, the LEADERs board chairperson, is aimed at transforming the companys existing business model...


The Vinogradny Residential Estate: an ideal investment in familys future

The Vinogradny Residential Estate stands out from among its analogs, thanks to its combination of a convenient location with a wide range of other benefits...