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April 2017, Vol. 1, № 2

April 2017, Vol. 1, № 2

Optimistic prospects in bilateral Russian-Chinese cooperation

Commenting on the positive developments in the Russian-Chinese ties, Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the RDIF and co-CEO of the RCIF, noted the high productivity level of cooperation between the representatives of the Russian and Chinese business communities. “We are very pleased that Russian and Chinese businesses are able to effectively discuss and eliminate any existing barriers to successful cooperation as part of the work of the Russian-Chinese Commission and the Committee." Alexander Ivlev, the managing partner at the EY Russian office, noted the continuing growth and strengthening of the bilateral trade and economic ties between China and Russia, adding that effective cooperation is already under way in such sectors as oil & gas, infrastructure, e-commerce, agriculture and construction


Russian and Chinese investors seen huge business opportunities on each other’s markets

These positive sentiments and outlook on the Russian-Chinese ties are collaborated by data released in a survey jointly conducted by the global auditing and advisory giant, EY and the Russia-China Investment Fund, which was established by the Russian Direct Investment Fund and China Investment Corporation...