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The Russian resort city of Sochi: the two sides of the Olympics Medal

Nikolai Popov, the NISGAILS chairman, reviews the government and private investors commitment to Sochis multi-billion-dollar project preparation for the 2014 Olympics and the Games importance to the whole nation...

Choron Diamond institutes an eponymous prize for the best Russian Football League club

The Choron Diamond Cup, which comes in two forms, the Big and Small Cups, will be awarded to Russia's Premier League best football club and the runner-up, respectively, at the end of each football season...


Stable development impossible without reviving true philanthropy in Russia

Boris Pashintsev, the founder of the Moscow Charity Foundation Tverskoi, is one of the the people leading the revival of true philantropic traditions in modern Russia...

South African ambassador details his countrys plans and readiness for World Cup-2010

South African Ambassador Bheki Langa presented his countrys plans and programs for the World Cup 2010, aimed at making the FIFA-organized global sporting competition debut in Africa an unforgettable experience...


FMS and IBA pledge mutual cooperation in handling migration issues

Top Russian migration officials have pledged to ensure timely and more constructive handling of all migration issues confronting the rising expatriate community in the country...

Radicalization of protest sentiments in society and labor conflicts in companies

Despite the government's pressure to dissuade mass protests, it seems more and more people are now ready to go to the streets to express concerns over the situations in the economy...