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Russian businesses support Kremlins call to help summer wildfires victims

The president expressed gratitude to the business executives at the meeting for showing compassion to those in acute need...

Immortalization of reformation epoch in modern Russian history

Ex-friends and colleagues have called the installation of the monument one more proof of public recognition of Gaidars meritorious services to Russia...


The extremely difficult, but highly desirable job of Russian presidency

The poll results also showed the number of citizens that believe that they have the needed competence to effectively carry out all the constitutional obligations of a Russian head-of-state...

Russia, other anti-Hitler coalition nations and whole world commemorate WWII Victory

Speaking at the ceremony, President Medvedev praised the Soviet WWII veterans for their unparalleled heroism and selfless sacrifices that enabled the world to destroy Nazism...


Diplomats, Russian stars and Bollywood celebrities grace Indias Holi in Moscow

The ambassadors of Nigeria, Uganda, Congo, Namibia, Israel, Mauritius and Bosnia & Herzegovina were among the high-ranking foreign dignitaries at the event...

Bespoke tailoring for presidents and business executives

Sammy Kotwani, the CEO of The Imperial Tailoring Co., tells TRCW about his rise to the tailoring Olympus, with several presidents and top business executives among his clients...