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Kremlin, businesses and society feast Russian women on their genders day

This year, just like the previous years, the Kremlin and the whole of Russia began as early as early March, long before March 8, to feast and honor the nation's women...

Winters frost-related damages run into hundreds of lost lives and billions of rubles

Though the final estimates of the damages have yet to be done, it is clear today that the scale - expected at 2% and 5% - of the nations annual GDP, will be breathtaking...


Kremlins amusement park to challenge Disneyland in global recreational services

This ambitious, RUR 50bln project, currently known by its working title, Russia Museum Park, is expected to become one of the main touristic landmarks, able to attract and accommodate up to 10mln visitors per year...

Yaroslavl Region exemplifies ideal partnership between government and businesses

The regions competitive advantage, and hence a sterling report sheet, stems from a balanced economic structure and presence of so-called economic stabilizing industries'...