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Special Industry Reports

The Russian auto dealership services market today: key players, major trends, growth drivers and future forecasts

Having defied the global economic crisis with its double-digit growth rates, the Russian auto retail market has become a pacesetting industry in the post-crisis era...

Todays Russian MICE services market: the rise from exoticism to a full-fledged industry

The Russian MICE services market has taken just 20 years to rise from an exotic state to a modern industry, a feat experts say reflects the ongoing globalization and other trends...

Issue: October 2011, Vol. 6, No. 9     Author: Alex Freedmann
Tags: MICE

Russian translation services market via experts eyes

According to key industry leaders, todays Russian translation market is so advanced that it now has nothing in common with the market that existed 20 years ago...

Indian diaspora and Muscovites mark Holi Mela with traditional fanfare

Holi Mela, considered one of the holiest traditional events in India since times immemorial, was held this year with its traditional pomp for the fifth time in Moscow...