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Major Events of the Month

Our Major Events of the Year:Change in Russian political leadership

One of the most fundamental changes in Russia in 2008, in TRCWs opinion, was the democratic transition of executive powers in the countrys political leadership...

Our Major Events of the Year: The South Ossetia war and the Wests biased reactions

Moscow resolutely ended the barbaric Georgian invasion of the republic, but to the dismay of unbiased observers, the West, headed by the United States and its NATO proteges, condemned Russia...


Our Major Events of the Year: The resumption of the new EU-Russian Cooperation Pact

After several false starts, the new Cooperation Pact, which is to replace the outdated agreement regulating the relationships between Russia and EU, finally got a second breath of life as EU decided to return to the negotiation tables...

Issue: December 2008, Vol.3, No. 11     Author: Inga Friedelhaus
Tags: EU

Our Major Events of the Year: Global financial crisis and commitment of trillions to fight it

The current global economic/financial crisis dominates all other events this year, evident in its popularity in both household and professional usage as well as its pop-up frequencies in major search engines...


Our Major Events of the Year: Obamas historic victory and its meaning for the strained U.S.-Russian ties

Like the rest of the world, the Kremlin and top Russian diplomats are hoping that the historic election of Obama will usher in the long-awaited turning point in the U.S. increasingly antagonistic foreign policies...

Our Major Events of the Year: The restoration of Russias lost grounds in Latin America

Russia has returned to Latin America with a bang, first, by sending top government aids to tour the region, and then followed it with the military and political leaders...


Russian defense ministers reform to reduce Armed Forces bloated top brass

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov announced plans to reduce the number of top military brass...

Abandoned and nearly bankrupt Iceland seeks financial aid in the Kremlin

Iceland officially approached Moscow for a 4bln-euro credit last month...


Top City Hall official says investors so far not freezing projects in the capital

Alexander Kuzmin noted that no investors bankrolling real-estate projects in the capital have folded up...

Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia aimed at retaining citizens trust

Margarita Simonyan noted that Russia was forced to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia...


Postponement of introduction of market-pricing mechanism in gas relationships

Ukraine and Russia have reached an agreement, under which free-market pricing mechanism will be introduced...

Lukashenko advocates for intensification of relationships with Russia

Speaking at a meeting in Minsk with Russian Premier Putin, Belarus President Lukashenko called...


Top State Department official calls for patience in U.S. relations with Russia

Addressing the U.S. Senates Foreign Affairs Committee in September, William Burns, deputy U.S. State secretary and previously the U.S. ambassador to Moscow, said...

Issue: October 2008, Vol.3, No. 9     Author: Olga Vasilyeva
Tags: Burns

Foreign Ministry calls on the West to define their relations with Saakashvili

Addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council in September, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Russias Western partners...


Antitrust Agency to increase limit of deals requiring permission to $400mln

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has proposed raising the size of deals requiring official clearance...

Western companies still intent on investing in Russia, despite Georgia conflict

Going by the opinions of the speakers at a London conference in September titled, Russia: Opportunities and Challenges...


WB gives Russia high grades for its preparedness against crisis phenomena

The World Bank (WB) sees the fundamentals of the Russian economy in exceptionally good shape...

Volume of Russias investments in U.S. mortgage banks shrinks to $30bln

The volume of investments in the bonds of battered U.S. mortgage corporations Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHLB has decreased...