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Markets Reviews

Year: 2008 2009 2010

A monthly roundup of the Russian equities markets performance

The ongoing promising positive trend on the Russian stock market continued its upbeat dynamics in October as key market indices closed the month in the green zone...

The Russian equities market: Monthly market roundup for September

The abundance of positive economic news in September, notably from the G20 Nations Leaders Summit in Pittsburgh, significantly boosted the level of activity on the Russian equity market...

Issue: October 2009, Vol. 4, No. 9     Author: Nina Doronina

The Russian equities market monthly roundup

The last week of August posted positive equity growth, thus ending the whole summer months trading in the plus zone, a positive trend that signaled the possibility of a better autumn ahead, given the fact that most CEOs of the nations blue-chip corporations have returned from their summer vacations...

Issue: September 2009, Vol. 4, No. 8     Author: Irina Kozlova
Tags: MIBA

The Russian equities market monthly roundup

Upbeat statements from the annual meetings of shareholders of top Russian 'blue chip' companies failed to galvanize the local stocks market to end the month in a positive zone...

Issue: July 2009, Vol. 4, No. 6     Author: Irina Kozlova

The Russian equities market: monthly trading activities roundup

The Russian equities market displayed strong positive growth in May, as its major performances indicators crossed the psychological landmark of 1,000 points, the first time since 2008...

Issue: June 2009, Vol. 4, No.5     Author: Edwards Johnson

The Russian equities market: April market performance roundup

The promising signs of recovery registered at the end of March on the Russian equities market gained more strength at the end April, as the local stocks market closed the month on positive moods, with all major market performance indicators gaining more grounds...

Issue: May 2009, Vol. 4, No. 4     Author: Alex Freedmann

The Russian equities market monthly roundup

The Russian equities market displayed some signs of recovery in the last week of March, a budding positive trend that arose from the expectation of adoption of critically vital anticrisis strategies at the London G20 Summit...

Issue: April 2009, Vol.4, No. 3     Author: Edwards Johnson

The Russian equities market monthly roundup

The seriously battered Russian equities market showed faltering signs of life in February, as its two major bourses RTS and MICEX exhibited divergent trends that reflected the global crisis-instigated instability in the local economy...