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Vital lessons from the Obamas U-Turn on U.S. antimissile defense policy

By this decision, the new U.S. president has once again highlighted his countrys indisputable greatness and his readiness to right all the wrongs committed by the previous administration...

Blogging diplomacy highlights the gaping cleft in Russian-Ukrainian relations

The antipathy in the obviously strained bilateral relationships have been now become so personal that Russian leaders cannot even bear the presence of the Ukrainian president...


Russia and US to cut nuclear stockpiles and boost cooperation in other spheres

Moscow and Washington have agreed to open a new page in their bilateral interactions by resetting their current roller-coaster relations that have increased global insecurity, thus putting the whole world on edge...

Russia and EU search for points of common interests in pursuit of strategic cooperation

Russia and EU have once again confirmed their intent to deepening their cooperation and finding solutions to issues of bilateral importance at a summit in Khabarovsk...

Issue: July 2009, Vol. 4, No. 6     Author: Christopher Kenneth
Tags: EU

Putin details Russias present and future in his Cabinets performance report

The report focused on the current economic crisis, the measures already taken by the Cabinet and those in pipeline to lift Russia out of the current global crisis a stronger, more innovative and fully diversified economy...

Obama to reboot relations with Russia and U.S. damaged image in the world

Veering away from Bushs destructive unilateralism, President Obama pledges to cooperate more with Russia and the rest of the world, as he moves to revamp damaged U.S. ties...