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Kremlin outlines five criteria for a bonafide democracy for the 21st century

Explaining the need for such a set of universal criteria, Medvedev noted that the issue of whether Russia is democratic or not stems from different views on democracy...

Economic and political consequences of regime change in Moscow

Experts say the political changes in Moscow masterminded by Kremlin are aimed at enabling the federal government exert more control over the citys economy, generating over 20% of the countrys GDP...

Issue: Our Yearend Report     Author: Marianna Romanova
Tags: Luzhkov

Golden jubilee is an occasion to reflect on past successes and future goals

In this interview, HE Timothy M. Shelpidi, the Nigerian ambassador to Russia, talked about his countrys progress since independence and its robust relations with Moscow...

Russia and Iceland searching for new ways of boosting cooperation in new spheres

Iceland's prime minister noted his countrys longstanding friendship with Russia that has developed over decades, which have created a formidable foundation for cooperation...


Russia and Norway demarcate spheres of interest in Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean

From his part, Stoltenberg called the agreement a landmark in both countries histories...

Russia and South Korea confirm adopted course on building strategic partnership

The South Korean president, from his part, noted that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Seoul...


Russia and Yemen agree to use their economies as basis for mutual cooperation in other spheres

The Russian prime minister and Yemeni president called for making interactions in their economies the new basis for the development of mutual beneficial relations in all other aspects of their countries' bilateral cooperation...

Medvedev and Merkel seek new ways for deepening ongoing cooperation at consultations

The leaders discussed bilateral trade and economic cooperation as well as plans to form strategic business alliances between Russian and German companies...


Russia and Vietnam again reaffirm adopted course on strategic bilateral partnership

Both leaders exchanged opinions on ways to further deepening the existing strategic partnership between Russia and Vietnam at the regional and international levels...

The legal and psychological drama of the ex-Yukos owners dilemma

Now, the onus is again on the court to use the new charges against the duo as a unique opportunity to prove that justice is really absolutely blind in Russia...

Issue: August 2010, Vol. 5, No. 7     Author: Anton Petrov
Tags: Yukos

Russia and France seek more avenues for boosting their robust bilateral ties

Among the key issues on the agenda were ways of boosting the bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic, defense and cultural sectors...

White Houses final endorsement of G20 dethrones G8 from the pedestal

The last nail on the coffin of the G8 was hammered by the current crisis, which has completely shown all its inadequacies as a yesteryear organization that will be absolutely incapable of managing the global economy in the postcrisis era...

Issue: June 2010, Vol. 5, No. 5     Author: Olga Vasilyeva
Tags: G8

The new START: its objectives and implications for bilateral and global affairs

The agreement became the first major breakthrough in the freshly reset U.S.-Russian strategic relations, which is expected to open doors to other breakthroughs on other issues of bilateral and geopolitical importance...

Issue: May 2010, Vol. 5, No. 4     Author: Allan Goldsmith

Middle East Quartet summit sets timeline for the creation of a Palestinian state

Going by the emphatic tune of the joint statement, the Middle East Quartet seems confident in the success of its new plans to resolve the Israel-Palestine stalemate...


Moscow and Kiev start active reanimation of their critically damaged diplomatic ties

The positive outcome of the Ukrainian election that elevated Kremlin favorite Yanukovich to the presidency signals the beginning of a new era in the nations' bilateral ties...

Mironovs Putin criticism should be a wakeup call for Russia's ruling elite

The recent sudden revelation by Sergei Mironov that 'he no longer completely and unconditionally supports Vladimir Putin' took the ruling elite by surprise...