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Ambitious Putin begins his hard-won de-facto third term in Kremlin

President Putin has triumphantly returned to the Kremlin after a "4-year self-imposed exile" in the White House to continue his unfininshed jobs during the past terms...

The assessment of President Medvedevs four-year rule in the Kremlin

While analyzing Medvedevs performance, one needs to start from the fact that he did not even have his own team, as he inherited a kind of slightly reformatted Putin's cabinet...


Putins absolutization of incumbency powers nullifies his rivals' chances for the Russian presidency

With the huge resources at his disposal and the incumbent president refusing to seek a legal second term, Putin easily scored a landslide victory...

The Kremlin and opposition are at crossroads in search for exits out of political deadlock

The end of the elections has not only failed to resolve the deep ideological and political conflicts between the opposition and the government, but has even fueled them...

Issue: May 2012, Vol.7, No.5     Author: Alex Freedmann
Tags: Putin