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Business & Finance

The year 2009 and its results: Version of the OPORA Russia

Natalya Ushakova, OPORA Russia Vice President and Intermedservice Co. CEO, gives her assessments of Russias overall economic performance in 2009 and shares her future business plans and forecasts for 2010...

Expert View on 2010: MIBA CEO's version

Alexander Borisov, CEO of MIBA and RCCIs Consumer Market Development Committee chairman, analyses the impacts of the global financial crisis on Russia and its economy in 2009 and their probable implications for the country, its citizenss and their businesses in 2010...

Issue: Vol. 4, No. 11     Author: Alexander Borisov
Tags: MIBA

SADC ambassadors sell the alliances business opportunities to Russian investors

Specifically, the envoys call on Russian strategic investors to complement their governments rising interest and influence in the SADC region, and indeed, on the African continent...

Can Moscow really become a financial center in the new post-crisis world?

The answer is an emphatic yes, based on Moscow's historical experience as the former capital of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, which had controlled half of the world at their zeniths, and the recent positive changes in the city...


A private view on the global crisis and the measures being taken to combat it in Russia

Vladimir Pershin, the CEO of Trinity Charter Project, reviews the anticrisis measures adopted in Russia and abroad to fight the ongoing global economic recession and their individual and collective implications for the Russian and global markets...

Avalanches of mega deals at MAKS-09 as companies defy global crisis on unparalleled shopping spree

Record deals were signed at MAKS-09 as several public and private companies went on a spending spree that did not only defy the current crisis, but also raised the salon into the top elite multibillion dollar aviation exhibitions league...


Russia-U.S. business summit gets a boost from Medvedev-Obama presence

The presidents' participation in this year's Russia-US business forum, organized by both countries' business execs, raises the status of the summit and its deliberations...

Microsoft underscores Russia strategic importance with $300mln investment commitment

The management of Microsoft Corp. has reaffirmed its trust in Russia and its economy by pledging to commit R10bln (over $300mln) to the country over the next three years...


Kremlin pressurizes egoistic creditors into debt renegotiations mood

The Kremlin's unambiguous threats against some of the nations top business owners indulging in unacceptable corporate egoism at the height of an unprecedented global financial crunch seem to be having their intended impacts...

Global crisis highlights major management shortfalls in modern businesses

Although the current global crisis the most destructive since the Great Depression is still far from climax, some conclusions on what actually went wrong and the best exit scenarios from the financial meltdown are being done, as investors explore a post-crisis future...


Foreign automakers adapting to the new realities of the Russian automarket

Foreign automakers are seeking new marketing strategies for Russia as auto sales are expected to fall significantly in the country in 2009 and years ahead due to the negative impacts of the current global economic crisis on the domestic economy and residents purchasing powers...