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Business & Finance

Record investment contracts at St. Pets forum indicates global economy recovery

Organizers put the number of investment contracts penned during the forum at over 50, while their total amount, in monetary terms, at 15bln euros, a new record for the forum...

Crisis and Russian economy: road to accelerated recovery and growth

Andrew Cranston, a senior partner at KPMG Russia and CIS, talked about his companys anti-crisis strategy and the effects of the global economic meltdown in Russia...


A fairy-tale like journey to self-made millionaire in less than a decade

A true-life success story that highlights unlimitedness of human possibilities and business opportunities available in Russia for hardworking and result-oriented foreigners...

Putins Mechel criticism and commendation

A case study of key issues influencing business owners, CEOs and their companies fates in Russia...


Presentation of new company NIKAs brand logotype

According to NIKA's management, the idea behind the changes in the companys trademark reflects the maturity of the company, which celebrates its seventh foundation anniversary this year...

Issue: October 2010, Vol. 5, No. 9     Author:
Tags: NIKA

Authorities set more humane legal rules for private businesses in Russia

Such official efforts have led to the adoption of several more business friendly laws designed to make life much easier for companies and their owners...


The past, present and the future of the Russian tourism industry

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the minister noted that tourism has been declared a priority sector of the Russian economy, and consequently, its condition and development have become subjects of keen attention from the state...

Global ad gurus gather in Moscow to resuscitate their crisis-battered industry

The unprecedented importance of the event for the Russia was underscored by the presence of a galaxy of top officials from the federal, Moscow city and regional governments across the nation...


Foreign businesses ally with the Kremlin in its war against corruption in Russia

Commenting on the initiative's importance for businesses, the RGFTC chairman noted that the measure is not just a symbolic act, but a real intent to combat corruption in Russia...

Key development banks step up fight against corruption across the globe

The new landmark agreement signed by major global multilateral development banks envisions more stringent sanctions against corruption and other illegal business practices across the globe...

Issue: May 2010, Vol. 5, No. 4     Author: Allan Goldsmith
Tags: EBRD

Confidence in business future gradually returning to global CEOs

PwC pollsters, in a reflection of looming economic recovery, say confidence in economic growth is returning to global business leaders...

CEE and Central Asian countries fates brighter, but overall recovery remains fragile

The upward revision, according to the EBRD, was driven by stronger than expected performance in four large economies in the region - Poland, Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan...

Issue: March 2010, Vol. 5, No. 2     Author: James B. Adams
Tags: CEE