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Business & Finance

Talented Russian youth to get economic lifts to a better future via Putins ASI

The new state agency was specially created to stimulate the realization and commercialization of innovative projects by young Russian geniuses...

Highlights of St. Petersburgs major events in figures and photographs

The forum was attended by 5,000 delegates, including five heads of states, over 220 CEOs of foreign companies and 500 local firms CEOs...

Issue: July 2011, Vol. 6, No. 6     Author: Alex Freedmann

The Active Home concept, the newest trend in global architecture, reaches Russia

An Active House, the new European concept in world architecture, envisages the construction of houses via modern technologies and most advanced innovations...

Yandex IPO marks full internationalization of Russias search engine market

While Yandex was not the first Russian Internet company to float its stocks on international exchanges, it was its IPO that drew the largest global attention...


State secret services mull banning leading global Internet portals in Russia

If the FSB gets its way, Russia will find itself among exotic dictatorship regimes, which have banned modern Internet-based communication gadgets on security grounds...

Issue: May 2011, Vol.6, No. 4     Author:
Tags: FSB

Russian tycoons deep-rooted investophobia harmful to businesses and innovations

The imprisonment and forced exile some of the nation's most influential CEOs have only aggravated the complicated relations between the Russian authorities and businesses...


Russia for the first time places ruble Eurobonds at the London Exchange

By this step, Russia has opened a new page in the history of its ruble-denominated bond placements, thus meeting one of the major attributes as a global reserve currency...

Nanotechnologies - a panacea for modern civilization woes or threat to humanity?

In this article, the author has made an attempt to find answers to this question and other issues relating to the fruits of researches in nanotechnology to mankind as a whole...