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Business & Finance

Kremlin seeking for the best dividends payment formula for state companies

Kremlins proposed measures to impose civilized dividend policies on state companies are expected to radically change the current negative practice of dismal dividend payments...

Elites consumerism cult to fall first victim of luxury goods taxation in Russia

The governments readiness to take actions against luxury goods became clear in February when Putin called the issue of imposing a luxury tax a politically done deal...


Investors brainstorm over the potential and attractiveness of the Russian economy

Experts highlight Russia's key economic potential and major problems, notably, bad reputation and other negative stereotypes, blocking foreign investments into the country...

World Superbike debut in Russia sports novelty, cost, return on the project and engine roars

Russia enters into a motorbike history by hosting the famous World Superbike Racing Championship at the suburban Moscow racetracks attended by over 30,000 visitors...


Growing cybercrimes pose global threats to individuals and corporations

Today, cybercrime has become a separate, high-yielding business, comparable with other modern evils, such as human trafficking, including for prostitution and organ theft purposes, as well as illegal drug and arms trade...

Leading healthy nutrition experts focus on dietary supplements standardization in Russia

Experts say adoption of clearer standards will help introduce uniform and transparent rules for all players on the rapidly growing Russian food additives market...

Issue: August 2012, Vol. 7, No. 7     Author: Irina Kozlova
Tags: BAAs

AmCham expresses support for U.S. Senate's decision to grant Russia a PNTR status

AmCham has led high level delegations to Washington and also hosted roundtables for U.S. delegates in Moscow to highlight U.S. firms' gains from PNTR with Russia...

An experts view on Chinese equities: is it time to step back in

Experts see the Chinese equities as an attractive opportunity and say that the time may have come to go for them, but at the same time call for closely monitoring the downside risks on both the inflation and economic fronts...

Issue: June 2012, Vol.7, No.6     Author: Irina Kozlova
Tags: Equities

Khodorkovsky and Putin share a common view on legalization of privatization deals

The fact that Putin has added his voice to this idea, unpopular among the Russian business titans, means Kremlin has decided to review 1990s' questionable privatization deals...

Issue: March 2012, Vol. 7, No.3     Author: Alex Freedmann
Tags: Yukos