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The end of the crisis year that changes the world forever

An assessment of the key activities in 2009 that radically changed the world forever in many aspects, including the shift from a dangerously unipolar to a safer multipolar world and the final dawn of China as the new center of gravity of the post-crisis global economy...

Truly free and fair elections are essential for a functional democracy

The government ought to know that it is its direct responsibility to ensure that elective governance does not become a farce in Russia and a barefaced mockery of a true democracy...


Medvedevs precise diagnosis of Russias problems indicates readiness to solve them

The review was necessitated by his broad searches for new approaches, including recent public pleas to compatriots, to offer policy ideas on how to solve the nation's recalcitrant problems...

Mob mentality hamstringing Wests deeper cooperation with Russia

Classical clinical manifestations of the destructive variant of this phenomenon are evident in the Wests contemporary ties with Russia on key issues of strategic cooperation of bi- and multilateral relevance to both parties and the entire global community...


A display of 'mechanical management' of economy against market forces

The term 'manual management,' frequently used by anti-Kremlin pundits in the West to describe Moscow's policies, is rapidly gaining popularity in and outside Russia...

Kremlin boosting Russias position and influence in Africa

An unmistakable sign that the Kremlin is now really intent on boosting its old good ties with Africa is evident in the composition of Medvedev's entourage, which included top-ranking government officials and Russian business leaders...


Worrying taxation initiatives from court officials

Of particular concern are the extra judicial nature of debting defaulted taxpayers' bank accounts prescribed by the proposed amendments, and the fact that the proposals have come from the nations citadel of justice...

Novaya Gazeta highlights the essence of press independence in Russia

By all standards and criteria, Novaya Gazeta, due to its rigid uncompromising position on several issues, would have been the last publication to be allowed to interview the Russian head of state. However, against all expectations, it turned out to be the first newspaper to earn such a high honor from the Kremlin...


Russia will gain from the abrogation of its gender political inequality

At a Kremlin reception organized in honor of outstanding Russian women that have excelled in all spheres of human endeavors on the International Womens Day, President Medvedev promised to remedy the growing female gender political inequalities in the country...

Recurrent crises in Capitalism call for a new economic model

EU leaders gathered in Berlin in February ahead of the larger April G20 meeting in London to seek a new and better form of Capitalism, devoid of cyclical crises that have become the bane of todays free market economy...