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Farewell to another crisis year; welcome to another year of new hope and more expectations in 2011

The end of the year is always accompanied by a desire to review the outgoing year and make New Year resolutions. But the lingering tensions across the globe have made both tasks more difficult this year...

Kremlin seeks mutual understanding with EU at tripartite summit

The troika's decision to continue future meetings in this format underscores readiness to jointly tackle common European issues for the benefit of the entire continent...


The Kremlins militia-police dilemma: Reforming the irreformable

President Medvedev's plan to reform the nation's militsia envisages streamlining of the agency, increasing its efficiency and ability to protect citizens rights and security...

Media wars against Kremlin foes highlight lack of press freedom in Russia

The inability of these media executives to have foreseen justifiably negative interpretations of their actions and roles indicates blatant lack of professionalism and personal will...


Kremlins regime change policy ends Russias regional autocracies

By removing long serving regional leaders, the Kremlin has sent a clear message of where it stands on clannishness, regional autocracy, quasi-democracy, etc...

Medvedev premieres Skolkovo innovations city on international road show

During the presentation of the project to the U.S. business community, Medvedev visited the globally famous California-based Silicon Valley, where he dialoged with the leading hi-tech titans and saw how the existing prototypes of his Skolkovo innovations center really work in practice...


Swiss clock-style regularity of technogenic tragedies highlights Russias industrial woes

These negative phenomena are further exacerbated by CEOs insatiable greed and the workers innate self-destructive affinity for overlooking security measures...

Official handling of international bribery scandals dent Russias image

The egregious official inactions over the major international bribery scandals across the globe involving Russian government officials and foreign businesses are a blow to the Kremlins anti-corruption efforts...


The benefits of authentic democracy that brings real changes to countries

Russia seems to be one of the biggest benefactors from the positive outcomes of the democratic changes in the United States and Ukraine, going by the new opportunities that have now opened up for deepening ties...

The Nord Stream approvals underscore the benefits of economic symbiosis

The Nord Stream approval in February by Finland, the last of the four littoral states to do so, finally put an end to some countries' efforts to sabotage the project...