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Russia on the brink of a tectonic shift in elites consciousness

Attacking the state's spending spree, ex-Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin dismissed the Kremlin's strategy of radical escalation of expenditures a fantasy...

Oligarchs in classrooms will highlight collective retrograde amnesia among Russian elite

Calling on the oligarchs to share their questionable success stories with pupils is tantamount to giving them a legal sanctimony and whitewashing their shady pasts...


Belarus economic disaster coverage shows Russias press at its finest best

Russian media CEOs, by raising the standard of their Belarus economic debacle coverage to a sky-high level, have set for themselves a new yardstick...

Kerimovs Arab sheiks-style Anji investments good for Russian football

The multibillionaire's commitment to Anji is underscored by the names of famous players that have been brought to the club in record transfer-breaking deals...


Business as usual, as bureaucrats typically ignore Kremlins BoD ban against officials

The appointment of First Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov and other federal and regional officials to the VVTs board runs contrary to the Kremlins ban against bureaucrats sitting on state firms' BoDs...

Volga ship catastrophe once again highlights Russias wild capitalism at its worst

The most heartbreaking thing is that such negative practices and business modus operandi are the norms rather than notable exceptions in Russia...


Japans tragedy and Chernobyl 25th anniversary question atomic energy necessity

This tragedy is one of the few misfortunes in human history, whose intensity and utter horridness of unprecedented destruction of lives never diminish with time...

Humanitarian interventions are not licenses for mass urban massacres

The West, since the Soviet demise, has been behaving as if it had obtained the ultimate license for justifiable murders across the globe in the name of democracy...


Undaunted Kremlin announces more extreme measures against perennial corruption

The Kremlins daunting task is further complicated by the fact that most Russians have come to see bribe solicitations from bureaucrats as a social norm in the society...