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Banking policy initiative capable of solving multiple problems

It is now clear that the current RUB 700m threshold was based on the absolutely wrong assumption that most Russians' bank deposits are either of this amount or much less...

New privatization arouses the ugly ghosts from failed wild 1990s policies

The promise to make the second wave of privatisation a much fairer policy in all its ramifications is meant to finally lay to rest the roving ghosts from the 1990s...

Issue: August 2012, Vol. 7, No. 7     Author: Christopher Kenneth

Putin at his best as his cabinet reshuffle relocates key allies to the Kremlin

The composition of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's new cabinet is notable for the disproportionate representation of President Vladimir Putin's arch-loyalists...

Issue: June 2012, Vol.7, No.6     Author: Christopher Kenneth
Tags: Putin

Russia and Chinas veto is not against Syrians, but against Wests hypocrisy

If the Syria stance reflects Beijing and Moscows model of behavior in the looming post-crisis era, then the West will have to make real adjustments to its diplomacy doctrine...


Russia finally secures WTO membership: is it really worth the efforts?

Without any doubts, Russia's WTO membership should be seen as the great achievement that it is really is, the final, or almost the final, act in the 20-year soap opera of integrating the country into global free market economy...

The creation of a new public TV channel is a slap on the faces of current stations

The creation of a new TV channel is a slap on the faces of Russias current largest TV channels and their CEOs, a vote of no confidence in them, an impeachment by implication...