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Recalcitrant global economic crisis makes the future bleak

Indeed, 2009, already compromised by the current crisis and other related unsolved problems, is likely to be remembered as a year that harbors the worst pessimism for both individuals and businesses, before its dawn...

CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

Sammy Kotwani, president, The Imperial Tailoring Co., a key player on the Russian fashion industry, shares his view on the local economy, his business achievements in 2008 and prognosis for 2009...


CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

Igor Vdovin, a co-chairman of RSPPs Committee on PPP and Investment Policy, shares his view on the economy vis-a-vis the global crisis and his vision on the probable exit scenarios from the meltdown...

Issue: December 2008, Vol.3, No. 11     Author: Olga Vasilyeva
Tags: RSPP

CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

A top expert on the construction design services market, Adrian Salter, CEO and Board Chairman, MEP Engineering, offers an insight into the crisis, his successes in 2009 and forecasts for next year...


CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

A leader in market expansion services in Russia, Pascal Clement, the president of Direct Group, talks about the economy in crisis, his corporate successes in 2008 and forecasts for 2009...

CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

Dmitry Grishin, CEO, Mail.Ru, a leading Russian IT company, talks about the economy, his corporate achievements in 2008 and plans for 2009...


CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

Alexei Vyazovsky, PR-Director of Kalita-Finans, a key player on the Russian forex market, speaks on the global financial crisis and its negative impacts on the Russian economy, stock market and the value of the ruble...

CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

OPORA ROSSII President Sergei Borisov speaks on the states growing support for the SMEs, other positive measures to make the SME the backbone of the economy and his view on the current crisis...


CEOs Opinions & Prognoses

Highlighting his companys successes in 2008, and drawing from its experience during the 1998 crisis, Harro van Graafeiland, CEO, TNT Express Russia, says the current crisis offers new opportunities for CEOs that have the best anti-crisis strategies in place...

Putin to oversee the Strategic Sectors Law enforcement

The highly controversial Strategic Sectors Law will be implemented under the guidance of the powerful premier...


Global equity turmoil causes panic on the Russian market

The terms volatility and fragility as well as well panic, redemption packages, uncertainty over who is next, sacrificial lamb etc., became the most frequently heard words/phrases across major global stock exchanges in mid-September as key equity indices, including the Russian blue-chips...

Issue: October 2008, Vol.3, No. 9     Author: Christopher Kenneth

The global crisis and the Russian hospitality industry

Louie Beck,the general manager of the Korston Hotel & Casino Moscow, talks about the impacts of the crisis on the Russiab hospitality industry...


Impacts of the global crisis on the Russian banking industry

Oleg Vyugin, board chairman, MDM Bank, shares his view on the possible impacts of the crisis on the Russian banking industry...

The impacts of the global crisis on the Russian M&A market

Troika Dialog Group Chairman Ruben Vardanian talks on the possible impacts of the crisis...


Possible impacts of the global crisis on the Russian real-estate industry

Ivan Zavadsky, an analyst with Capital Investment Group, comments on the crisis and its probable consequences for the Russian real-estate industry...