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The year 2009 and its results: Version of the Institute of Stock Market Development

Sergei Grinyaev, the CEO of the Russian Institute of Stock Market Development, reviews the impacts of the global crisis on the outgoing years business activities, both locally and internationally, and extrapolates their implications for businesses in 2010...

G20 leaders summit seeks new business models for the post-economic crisis era

G20 leaders outlined a broader policies agenda to stabilize the crisis-hit world economy and prevent the reoccurrences of similar financial catastrophes capable of putting the whole world again on the brink of an economic bankruptcy...


IGSO experts see the world on the brink of an imminent energy revolution

One of these central issues is energy, ranging from its generation, sources diversification, preservation and transportation to the possibilities of guaranteeing its hitch-free supply in adequate volumes, and at prices that are affordable by all...

Issue: Vol. 4, No. 11     Author: Alex Freedmann
Tags: IGSO

Crisis-ridden 2009 ends, but leaves behind an agonizing legacy for global leaders

A major outcome of the current crisis is the final establishment of China as the biggest growth locomotive of the new global economy, as the gravity of international businesses shifts from the traditional financial hubs in the West to the rising economic superstars in the East...


Highlights of St. Petersburg's 2009 economic forum

Unlike in the past, the key focus in this years forum shifts from the traditional investment issues to intellectual brainstorming on crisis and various strategies for exiting the economic slump...

Issue: August 2009, Vol. 4, No. 7     Author: Alex Freedmann

High-profile BRIC and SOC summits in the Russian Urals echo across the globe

The leaders of the BRIC group have announced plans to transform the currently amorphous union into a more powerful intergovernmental alliance at their maiden official summit in Yekaterinburg, Russia...

Issue: July 2009, Vol. 4, No. 6     Author: Edwards Johnson
Tags: SOC | BRIC

Place and roles of financial centers in contemporary global geo-economic competition

A comprehensive analysis of the worlds top financial centers development strategies and their increasing roles in contemporary geopolitical economic competition...

London G20 summit reboots capitalism in search for a better economic model

The urgent need for rebooting the current model of capitalism does not only stem from the collective search for quick exit strategies from the current crisis, but also from the long-overdue craving to clog the loopholes responsible for the perennial cyclic repetitions of avoidable crises in the global economy...


Krasnoyarsk forum seeks anticrisis solutions via brainstorming sessions

Top Russian and foreign business executives and government officials used this year's forum 'brainstorming' sessions as platforms for exchanging ideas and deliberation on the best anticrisis strategies capable of lifting the local economy from the current downturn...

Problematic transit and other risks highlight the urgency for gas market diversification

The numerous energy crises caused by problems of shipping fuels to consumers via unreliable transit states such Ukraine once again call for urgent diversifications of energy supply routes in Europe both by gas producers and its consumers...


Putin champions post-crisis global economic liberalism in Davos

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin used this years Davos Forum to dissect the causes of the current global economic malaise and prescribe potent exit recipes from the meltdown...

Issue: March 2009, Vol. 4, No. 2     Author: Anna Ebohon
Tags: Putin | Davos

Russia and Europe have again fallen victims to Ukraines gas transit blackmail

In a typical display of the deja-vu syndrome, Russia and other European countries were again at the epicenter of an avoidable energy crisis, as Ukraine resorted to gas transit blackmail...