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Strategy-2020 experts finalize researches into painless transformation of Russia

Russian intellectuals offer new ideas on how to transform their country in general, and its business climate and investment landscape in particular in Putin's third term...

Kudrin's expert team ready to oppose and engage authorities on all vital policy issues

The Committee plans to embark on objective opposition to the Russian authorities on all issues, ranging from domestic and economic topics to foreign policies...

Issue: May 2012, Vol.7, No.5     Author: Irina Kozlova
Tags: Kudrin

Mark Zukerberg in Russia to talk business and promote Facebook to local audience

Zuckerberg claims his mission in Russia is only to popularize Facebook to greater local audience with a view to boosting the social network’s presence in the country...

Russia and China lay economic foundation for future mutual investments

The authors of the fund said they will focus its key activities on further advancing the ongoing bilateral economic, trade and investment relations between Russia and China...


Business ombudsman: the new guardian of Russian entrepreneurs

Russia's first business guardian angel highlights his strategies to protect companies' owners and investors from illegal actions by the state and its representatives...