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Russian-French business and cultural ties receive a boost in National Year celebrations

Embassy's view on Russian-French relations: Philippe Pegorier, the trade counselor at the French Embassy, shared his view on the current and future vision of both countries' relations...

The embodiment of optimal symbiosis of the best spiritual and business values

In this interview, Mikhail Morgulis, the president of the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation (SDF), talked to TRCW about how he has been able to successfully combine diverse aspects of human endeavors into a single unified entity for the purpose of serving humanity...


Choron Diamond CEOs view on 2010 & expectations in 2011

Choron Diamond CEO Rajesh Gandhi shares his view on his company's activities and Russian company's performance in 2010 and his business expectations in 2011...

Fonetix Translations CEOs view on 2010 & expectations in 2011

Fonetix Translations CEO Stepan Grabovsky shares his view on his company's activities and Russian company's performance in 2010 and his business expectations in 2011...


Jack's CEOs view on 2010, expectations & prognosis for 2011

Jacks CEO Elberd G. Mistuloff shares with TRCW his view on his company's activities and Russian company's performance in 2010 and his business expectations in 2011...

Issue: Our Yearend Report     Author: Alex Freedmann
Tags: Jack's

Nigeria offers fast-growing market potential and opportunities for investors

UC RUSAL First Deputy CEO Vladislav Soloviev talked about the metals giants business in Nigeria, the prevailing investment climate and business opportunities in the country...

Issue: November 2010, Vol. 5, No.10     Author: Irina Kozlova

Nigeria has abundance of capital-intensive projects for years to come

In this interview, Zarubezhstroimontazh Board Chairman Mels Oganesyan shared his view with TRCW on doing business in Nigeria and the current investment climate the country...

Air France living up to its traditional bridging role in Russian-French relations

Expert's view on Russian-French relations: Eric Chatard, Air Frances general manager for Russia & CIS, talked about the airlines role in boosting bilateral ties between Russia and France...


Sodexo offering real French quality business services in Russia

Expert's view on Russian-French relations: Edi Perisic, the CEO of Sodexo in Russia, highlighted the companys activities and its future business development plans in Russia...

Business globalization is key to developing robust ties among nations

Expert's view on Russian-French relations: Hugues Laurent, the business development director at FM Logistic in Russia, recently spoke to TRCW about the companys future plans and role in further boosting bilateral business ties between Russia and France...


Skif Consulting helps facilitate the inflow of investments into Russia

Expert's view Russian-French relations: CEO of Skif Consulting Dmitry Demidenko spoke about the growing bilateral ties between Russia and France in the business sector...

Modern standardization system is a recipe for countries and companies competitiveness

Expert's view on Russian-French relations: AFNOR Rus CEO Leonid Dvorkin recently spoke to TRCW on the role played by goods and services standardization in a modern economy...


The trendsetters on Russias new short-term office space lease services market

In this interview, Tatyana Sokolova and Fatima Zakharova, the managing shareholders of Delovoy business centers, explained the essence of their new business venture...

The Italian trademark and new services of Alitalia: the pleasure of flying Made in Italy

Tommaso Fumelli, Alitalias general manager for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, talks about his company's business strategy and its key competitive advantages on the Russian routes...


Complementarity of economies is a key to success of strategic partnership

Vittorio C. Surdo, Italys ambassador to Russia, speaks about long-term nature of the strategic cooperation between Moscow and Rome in solving issues of bilateral and geopolitical importance...

Building a legal connective bridge between Russian and Italian businesses

Sergio Forelli an attorney and partner, at the legal firm, SALT talks about his companys operations, protection for foreign investors rights and other issues...

Issue: May 2010, Vol. 5, No. 4     Author: Inga Friedelhaus
Tags: SALT

Confectionary giant set to further boost its position in Russia

Arturo Maria Cardelus, the CEO of Ferrero Russia, highlights companys operations and ambitious plans for boosting its presence in Russia and the role of multinationals in improving people's lives...

Experts opinion on his expected economic recovery model for Russia

Alexander Osin, the chief economist at Finam Asset Management, says he is expecting a W-shaped recovery scenario both for Russian and the global economies...


The secrets of creating a successful business from translation services

Fonetix CEO talked about the current industry trends, his company and what it takes to become a real professional translator and create a successful business from translations services...