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Corporate Events

Global diamond business elites shape industrys fate and future in Russia

Commenting on the importance of this event for Russia, Russian Diamond Chamber President Sergei Ulin called it a great honor to host global diamond business leaders...

The Imperial Tailoring Co. marks its 7th jubilee at Gostiny Dvor with pomp

The jubilee party, attended by over 200 guests from and outside Russia, was organized in a manner befitting real Indian traditions, Moscow chic and opulence...


Kremlin and Chubais present Russias nanotechnologies industry to top U.S. Silicon Valley venture funds CEOs

The meeting was a part of the U.S. venture business leaders visit to get acquainted with Russias innovations and the role that venture capital could play in their realizations...

Slovak president says energy issue strategic in Bratislavas relationships with Moscow

Energy is, indeed, occupies a central place in the relations as Russia supplies Slovakia with about 6mln tons of oil and over of gas per year, which practically cover all the Balkan nations energy needs...

Issue: May 2010, Vol. 5, No. 4     Author: Edwards Johnson
Tags: Energy

Putins visit to Austria results in securing agreement for the South Stream gas project

Speaking at the press conference, the Russian prime minister noted that the accord will ensure stability in gas deliveries to Europe, thus boosting its energy security...

BRIC nations leaders declare unity in approaches in seeking solutions to global challenges

The summiteers discussed several topics such as the new perspective directions for broadening the ongoing multi-and bilateral cooperation within BRIC and problems of postcrisis development...

Issue: May 2010, Vol. 5, No. 4     Author: Edwards Johnson
Tags: BRIC

Organization of professional forex expos on emerging markets

The fast-growing interest in the industry is better illustrated by the high level of activity on the Russian forex market, which has been rising at exponential rates since 2000...

Fiat Group partnering with Sollers to set up global auto alliance in Russia

The importance of the project for Russia is underscored by the Russian governments commitment to offer not only political, but also financial support for the JV...