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Corporate Events

Medicina becomes the first Russian clinic to receive JCIs elite accreditation

In his speech, Medicina's president said he saw nothing strange in JCIs recognition of the clinics high quality heathcare standards...

A family picnic at FAVORIT MOTORS presentation of its new KIA Picanto car

It goes without saying that the adults present at the event were in euphoric moods, as many went for a test drive in the new KIA Picanto car...


Air Frances Action Plan for Russia success places it in a vantage position

The enormous work done within this policy has boosted the overall customer satisfaction with the airlines services by as much as 10% within a year...

Kremlin and Vatican fully content with the level of bilateral diplomatic relations

During the meeting, the Pontific and Medvedev confirmed their ongoing broad and booming cooperation in promotion of both human and Christian values...


Russia and Armenia compare notes on their realization of bilateral cooperation projects

The meeting and the ensuing negotiations took place within the frameworks of the ongoing Russian-Armenian political dialog...