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Our mission

All publications in The Russia Corporate World are directed at forming a highly positive image of Russia as a whole and all the companies operating in the country in particular. This is done by focusing our attention on the positive developments in the country, the achievements and successes of all the companies operating in the country as well as the unique specificities of doing business in the rapidly changing Russian corporate world as it sheds off its ugly communist past for a much more promising capitalist future. In other words, The Russia Corporate World is a 100% pro-Russia, pro-business journal, which is always directed at objective coverage of all the key changes taking place in the Russian business environment and the larger society as a whole. These noble goals are embodied in our motto: “Pro-Russia, Pro-Free-Market Economy.”

Thanks to this philosophy, which underlines all our publications, lots of Russian and foreign companies in the country have been able to find new partners and investors and significantly broadened their client bases both within and outside Russia. This is because the journal has become a comprehensive, one-spot handbook on Russian business and economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs and foreigners, which provides in-depth, well-researched and investigative coverage on all major economic and political issues in Russia and other countries that have good, close economic ties and political relationships with the Russian Federation and/or where there are huge potentials for the development or improvement of such mutually beneficial business relationships with Russia in the foreseeable future. The practical realization of our mission as stated herein, apart from the use of standard publications common to all business media, is being achieved with the help of the following under-listed unique rubrics:

Business/Company Profile
This is a multipage rubric — which focuses on highlighting the positive sides and achievements of companies in their sectors and the Russian economy in general. Thus, this rubric covers everything from their foundation, market positioning, major products/services, distribution outlets and market shares, their rises to the pinnacles of their industries, so-called Success stories, and their successfully adopted business formulas, so-called Case studies for potential future entrepreneurs. This rubric also includes such publications as the Product profile and Service profile, which highlight both existing and newly launched products.

Personality (Executive) Profile
Like the business profile, this multipage rubric is also directed at highlighting the positive sides and achievements of companies’ top management executives (CEOs, general directors, presidents or heads of foreign business organization in Russia and CIS) or other outstanding employees of a particular company, and covers everything from their educational and social backgrounds, views and opinions on key issues in their industries and in the country as a whole, their present positions in their companies and the society at large as well as their private (personal) and corporate plans for now and the future.

Experts Corner
This rubric is dedicated to highly respected and recognized experts in their fields of specialization (CEOs, general directors, presidents, board chairpersons of companies or their officially delegated spokespersons or heads of their PR departments) to comment on the major event(s) of the month or major news headliners that form the basis of our lead article of the month, which we technically call the SPOTLIGHT FEATURE or COVER STORY.

Russian Regional Focus
This rubric helps highlight the business potential and economic opportunities in key Russian regions, thus helping our readers to get acquainted with these regions, their investment potentials, business climate, their roles in their regional and the whole national economies in general. This is achieved through the publications of interviews with the regional leaders and other influential groups in those areas. In other words, this means the opinions and views of those making key decisions in these regions. The high-profile positions of these people in their regional administrations or the regional economies more than qualify them to offer far-reaching opinions/commentaries on the politico-economic situations in these regions. Therefore, the aim of the rubric is to familiarize our readers with these opinions, the latest business developments in Russian regions, the attractiveness of their investment climates and economic opportunities as well as their histories, cultures and positions and roles in the national economy.

Country Focus
Like the Russian Regional Focus, the Country Focus rubric, which spans several pages in our monthly publications, is dedicated to a particular country, which has good diplomatic relationships with the Russian Federation. Therefore, the aim of the rubric is to familiarize Russian and other global readers with the countries under focus, their histories, cultures, economies, positions and roles on their continents and the world. Consequently, the rubric covers everything about these countries in both Russian and English, including interviews with their ambassadors, major economic and political highlights of the investment opportunities and business potentials of the countries under review. Some of the countries already covered in this rubric included Nigeria and South Africa, while projects in the pipeline include Brazil, India and China from the so-called BRIC family, as well as several others that want to establish, improve and/or develop mutually beneficial business cooperation and contacts with their colleagues in Russia and other CIS countries or in third countries as they globalize their business operations on the global arena. Thus, the accent in all the publications in this rubric from interviews with ambassadors through the statistical data highlights to a huge economic review of the country under coverage are all focused on highlighting the investment attractiveness of these countries to the representatives of the Russian businesses as well as the attractiveness of the Russian economy for all the investors in those countries.