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26.12.2008 19:15:00 | 19:20

Russian leadership lauds countrys economic performance in 2008, despite global crisis

Speaking at the last session of the Cabinet in 2008, President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin lauded the results of the nations economic performance in the outgoing year, labeling them positive outcomes, especially against the background of the current global crisis...


26.12.2008 13:15:00 | 13:20

Sberbank intends to help borrowers in difficult financial situations

The proposed anti-crisis program, designed by the bank to help borrowers, who have found themselves in strenuous financial situations, envisages granting such clients the right to restructure or defer payments on their mortgages for up to a year ...

23.12.2008 13:15:00 | 13:15

Russia's Central Bank to delegate special envoys to banks receiving states financial aid

The new measure stems from the amendments being made to the current law regulating the CBRs activities, which will give the CBR the powers to delegate special envoys to banks that have received loans on special terms from the government within the frameworks of the law on the provision of support to the local financial system ...


22.12.2008 13:50:00 | 14:00

Unprecedented fiasco in economic analysis costs Russian businesses a lot in 2008

The all-round mistakes made by the analysts have cost local businesses and the domestic economy a lot. Particularly, these so-called experts' professional ineligibility became very obvious in 2008, when they failed to spot in advance the clear signs of the imminent global economic crisis ...

19.12.2008 17:10:00 | 18:00

Key United Russia party members critical public statements point to dissent among the ruling elite

This is the second time in the past week, when high-ranking members of the ruling elite officially made public statements that ran counter to the official positions on the global crisis, a negative trend that only serves to underscore the rising dissent among top officials, who are finding it increasingly difficult to toe the official line on this subject ...


16.12.2008 20:00:00 | 20:45

Russian government outlines its criteria for helping domestic businesses

According to the Finance Ministry, the government intends to provide up to 325bln.rubs (over $12bln) in financial support to domestic businesses, which will, first and foremost, be granted to companies that have clear development programs and produce goods/services that are in high demand or which are expected to enjoy huge demand in the near future...

15.12.2008 09:55:00 | 09:55

President Medvedev mulls membership in OPEC and other global energy organizations

The president's televised official statement that Russia will not turn down any possibilities to protect its oil and gas sectors on the global energy markets means that that full OPEC membership and other international cooperation formats with other major enery exporters are being seriously considered as potential key policy issues at the highest level in the Kremlin...


11.12.2008 09:20:00 | 09:25

Authoritative local and foreign anti-globalization experts do not see prosperity for Russia in WTO

According to the experts, Russia's scheduled membership in WTO in 2009 will negatively impact on the domestic economy, as full liberalization of the domestic market for international free trade under the WTO umbrella will deprive local companies of their competitive advantages over foreign corporations, thus making Russia and its economy more vulnerable to the ongoing financial crisis and other negative aspects of the global economy ...

09.12.2008 11:00:00 | 11:30

Russia and world religious and political leaders bury Orthodox Church leader in Moscow

The patriarch, born in 1929, died on December 5 at the age of 79. The new head of the Russian Orthodox Church, according to the Sinod rules and other church traditions, is to be elected within six months...


08.12.2008 11:00:00 | 11:15

U.S. President-Elect Obama to reset strained US-Russian relations

Barack Obama intends to seek and deepen cooperation with Moscow on all issues of bilateral and global importance, where there is a convergence of interests, while at the same times sending a clear message to the Kremlin on issues where positions differ and/or where he thinks Russias behavior runs contrary to international norms...

08.12.2008 10:00:00 | 12:25

Russian president in India to foster long-term strategic bilateral cooperation with New Delhi

The unique rapport between the two countries top political leaderships, which went back to the Soviet era, has been fundamental to Russia and India's hitch-free bilateral cooperation on bilateral and global issues since the latter got its independence over 60 years ago...


05.12.2008 07:00:00 | 07:15

Economic crisis-related issues dominate Putins annual live-call-in Q&As show

Thematically, these questions usually cover all aspects of domestic and foreign policies, while Putins often elaborate and statistics-laden answers usually translate into radial future changes to key existing or new policies...

04.12.2008 13:00:00 | 14:00

Russian prime minister declares support for private businesses a state priority

Quoting sociological and other public opinion surveys reports, Prime Minister Putin said that a high proportion of citizens, especially among the youth, want to try their abilities in business as owners of SMEs by chartering private companies...


02.12.2008 18:00:00 | 18:00

Banks use legal loopholes to keep governments trillions in their vaults

Experts said they had expected such situation with the government's financial bailout packages, because both CEOs of banks and bureaucrats surely knew beforehand that these resources will eventually end in banks vaults with little or no chance of reaching their addressees...

02.12.2008 09:00:00 | 9:05

One of the AAR consortiums key demands met: TNK-BP CEO tenders resignation

The Russian owners of the AAR consortium have repeatedly accused the CEO, amongst other capital corporate violations, of bias in his protection of the interests of BP, the other principal shareholder in the TNK-BP oil joint venture...

Source: TNK-BP