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17.12.2009 18:00:00 | 18:20

Kremlin highlights and honors Russias outstanding wunderkinds in all spheres of human endeavors

The Winners Forum is a key part of the state policy aimed at actively searching for talented young Russians and providing them with conditions for the realization of their professional ambitions in their country ...

Source: trcw


10.12.2009 14:00:00 | 14:25

Marco Polo Presnja Hotel is the general partner of the XXIII Glinka International Vocal Competition

According to the organizers, the main objective of the competition, whose cultural significance has a global scale, is not only to discover young talents, but also to further popularize Russias vocal classical heritage...

03.12.2009 17:00:00 | 17:20

Putin rounds up the year and raises key policy issues in direct link up with citizens

The powerful Russian prime minister used his signature direct interaction with the citizens to assess the outgoing years results on the background of the current global financial crisis, and also made some keynote remarks on domestic and foreign policy issues that will certainly generate mixed reactions from home and abroad...