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26.02.2009 17:00:00 | 17:35

Russia to raise national welfare standards to Western European levels

The new plans for revamping the Russian welfare sector, as highlighted by the Russian prime minister, envisages raising the quality of life, boosting citizens access to comfortable housing and creating a more effective system, guaranteeing safety of citizens in the country...


19.02.2009 09:30:00 | 09:35

Kremlin publishes its pool of strategic personnel reserve

The policy is aimed at creating a reserve pool of about 1,000 potential future bureaucrats that could be used to fill top government positions or replace current officials that have failed to live up to standards...

12.02.2009 15:30:00 | 15:45

Luzhkov revisits old policies to battle increasingly negative effects of the economic crisis on the city

According to the Mayors Office, these new measures will generate new employment opportunities for Muscovites because it is better for people to be engaged in any form of entrepreneurship today than stand in queues for social handouts....


09.02.2009 15:25:00 | 15:30

The precariousness of the alternative Nabucco project undermines its feasibility and competitiveness

A pet project of the EU and United States, the pipeline is seen in Brussels and Washington as an essential step toward reducing Europe's lopsided dependence on Russias gas. However, the lack of reliable sources of gas and initial capital needed to launch the project has clouded its already hazy feasibility prospects ...

04.02.2009 19:30:00

Kremlin rejects link between financial aid and Bishkek's decision to close a U.S. military base

The official statement on this issue followed a series of speculations in western media tying the closure of the base by the Kyrgyz leadership to Moscow's $2bln-aid package to Bishkek ...


02.02.2009 09:00:00 | 09:00

Putin diagnoses global economic malaise and offers exit receipt from the crisis

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin noted that the financial breakdown partly resulted from the structure of the global economic growth, where one center practically and almost without control prints money and consumes goods/services, while the other produces cheap goods ...