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26.02.2012 17:00:00 | 17:25

Russias Audit Chamber ready for 1990s privatization deals review and drafting compensation

The 1990s privatization has continued to remain one of the most acute economic issues in Russia, as a substantial part of citizens favors the revision of its questionable results...

Source: TRCW


17.02.2012 14:00:00 | 14:30

Holi Mela-2012 and Indian Dances Contest to usher in spring to Moscow

Since immemorial times, Holi Mela has been considered to be one of the holiest, most joyful and colorful traditional events in India ...

Source: TRCW, IBA & Indian Diaspora

01.02.2012 18:00:00 | 18:20

Russian presidential election's runaway favorite no longer excludes a second round

This statement reflects the new reality prevailing in the country following the release of the questionable results of the parliamentary election, condemned by many as grossly falsified by the authorities ...

Source: TRCW & Kremlin