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Kremlin highlights and honors Russias outstanding wunderkinds in all spheres of human endeavors

MOSCOW, Russia - The Kremlin has rounded its Russian Youth Year celebrations by holding a grand National Winners Forum, titled, The Breakthrough - the final part of series of official programs and events stipulated by the government’s youth policy in 2009 - where eponymous prizes were awarded to outstanding Russian prodigies that have excelled in their respective fields of human endeavors.

The organization of the first Winners Forum in the Olympics Sports Complex, the nations largest sport center, is a key part of the state policy aimed at actively searching for talented young Russians across the country and creating for them normal living and working conditions that will keep them in the country. In this connection, there were searches for and selections of rare talents among the winners of different types of local and international competitions among youth in a variety of fields during the whole of 2009, declared the Year of the Russian Youth in the country.

The results of such nationwide searches led to the formulation of winners of nominations in various spheres, such as PRO-media, PRO-art, PRO-science, PRO-business, PRO-tour, PRO-sports, PRO-valor and PRO-fession. The prefix ‘PRO in the names of the nominations comes from the Russian word “Proryf,” which means Breakthrough in English. The nominations winners received their awards from the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, other top state officials, key business representatives and other high-profile dignitaries that graced the occasion with their presence.

Speaking at the forum, the Russian president called all the youth in the Olympics Sports Complex winners in their respective fields. The Russian youth already has lots of opportunities, which they can and should use for strengthening our country, he added. Besides, today lots of efforts are being made to make Russia a modern and economically developed nation, not only by virtue of its possession of lots of oil, gas or rockets, but also by having a modern and innovative economy.

Vladislav Surkov, the first deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration, called on the state and businesses to work more actively with the nations highly talented young people because it is the youth, rather than oil and gas, that is the countrys main resource. The basic problem of our country has always been that it does not know how to efficiently work with exceptional individualities, outstanding personalities and talented people with their own views and opinions about a reality.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov, who was also present at the forum, noted that the Russian government fully recognizes the importance of the task of retaining talented youth in the country. This is why we plan to ensure that talented young people, who are in abundance supply in our country, do not go abroad to realize their professional ambitions, he added. This particularly so today, when we now have enough institutions to support talented youth and create such conditions that will enable it to remain, live and work in Russia.

The achievement of such noble aspiration will be promoted by an agreement signed at the forum between the government and leaders of Russian businesses that envisages the provision of individuallytailored joint support for all the talented wunderkinds in the country.