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Dvorkovich to lead the Russian delegation to the Davos forum

Source: TRCW & Roscongress
MOSCOW, Russia - 10 January 2018 - Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has been appointed as the head of the country’s official government delegation to the 48th World Economic Forum (WEF), which will be held January 23-26 in Davos, Switzerland.

The delegation will include federal ministers and business leaders. The forum will, amongst other things, discuss modern global challenges, the future of politics, economics, digital technologies, as well as industrial development and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

During the forum, the Russian House, the official Russian residence, will be open and host business leaders, famous politicians, economists and other top experts on geopolitics and other vital subjects. The aim of the "Russian House" is to demonstrate the countrys openness to dialogs and joint efforts towards achieving business success for all.

When formulating the forums Russia agenda, representatives of Russia and WEF reviewed the results of the project "The Future of the Russian Industry", discussed possible options for executing PPP programs that could contribute to the overall development of the Russian economy. In addition, Russia and WEF also adopted a new format of cooperation, which envisages much deeper interactions not only during the annual economic forums in Davos and summer programs, but also on a constant basis.