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Bavarian Prime Minister discusses business and bilateral ties with Putin in the Kremlin

Source: TRCW, Kremlin

THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW, RUSSIA: January 29, 2020 - Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Bavarian Prime Minister MarkusSoder today in the Kremlin.Also present at the Kremlin meeting were top Russian government officials and business executive, notably the Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov, Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Rosnet Chairman Rosneft Igor Sechin.

Soder was accompanied by a high-profile delegation of eminent representatives of Germany and Bavaria business and politics, such as Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the Munich International Security Conference, and Florian Hermann, the head of the Bavarian State Government Chancellery.

In his opening speech, Putin welcomed the distinguished German guest to Russia and the Kremlin; noted his previous meeting with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the good relations between Moscow and Bavaria.“I must note that I have always had very good, friendly and business relations with your predecessors. This is no coincidence. Representatives of Bavaria are very active in Russia. Bavaria opened a representative office in Russia in 1995 and has since been working quite successfully in the country in various fields,” Putin said.

Every fifth German company operating in Russia, according to Putin, is of Bavarian origin and more than half of all the largest German investments in the Russian economy were made by Bavarian companies.In his reply speech, Soder said Bavaria is interested in developing economic relations with Russia. It is very important for us; we are a very powerful country, and Bavaria, as before, still remains the strongest region, from the economic point of view, in Germany, he noted.

The Bavarian prime minister noted that his region invests a lot into the Russian economy and intends to develop scientific cooperation with Russia. In principle, I can say that the German and Bavarian economies are still ready to do more in Russia. Therefore, it is very important for us that, along with the good relations that already exist, we can still improve them further, he added.

In conclusion, Putin noted the multifaceted nature of Bavaria’s cooperation with Russian regions. I know that Moscow is not the only partner of Bavaria in Russia as many Russian regions are working with it, the president said, adding, We are always glad to see our guests, friends and partners in Russia.

Author Christopher Kenneth